URATX Services Delivers for You

Let's talk about how your restaurant can benefit from a true delivery partnership.


Better Margins

Accept orders directly from your customers on your website where you'd only pay URATX Services a delivery fee and stop paying up to 30% commissions just to receive delivery orders.


Increased Revenue

Customers spend approximately 20% more when they order takeout and delivery. Capture these higher ticket amounts and attract new customers that prefer delivery over takeout.


Stay Focused and Grow

Keep your employees focused on what they do best, not on who's turn it is to do deliveries. This new valuable part of your business will thrive with a partnership with URATX Services.

Your Off-Premise Strategy, Realized

With years of experience, URATX Services understands what matters most to restaurants.

It's the little things that will delight you, like:

  • arriving on-time with clean insulated thermal delivery bags
  • not disrupting your dining room full of customers
  • working with your staff to verify the order being picked up is the correct one
  • driving straight to the customer for delivery, without any detours

You'll never go back to accepting less from your delivery partners ever again.

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Professional Delivery Drivers that Care

Our delivery drivers are professionals that take pride in their work. In fact, they own all of their own equipment and work with us so they can showcase their work. 

We throughly vet each driver - not only for a clean driving record, but also on their delivery experience and expertise.  It's so very important to us that we are represented by the best delivery drivers around.


Latest Technology

We use the latest in delivery technology to keep you informed and to make it easy for our drivers to exceed your expectations.


Leading Reliability

Our deliveries rarely are delivered earlier or later than you'd like. We also go to great lengths to ensure that your orders are complete.


Highest Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is, above all, the main reason why we do what we do. You deserve a great experience every time and we pride ourselves on it.

Founded by Drivers, Experience Why

The URATX Services difference starts with John and Moumita, a husband and wife team that has delivered for just about every delivery service imaginable.  

It became clear to them both that there was no one perfect delivery platform or service and that many of these operations had sacrificed the quality of delivery in order to grow rapidly. 

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